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Maintenance and Self-Inspection of Injection Molding Machines: Key to Ensuring Long-Term Stable Operation

Maintenance and Self-Inspection of Injection Molding Machines: Key to Ensuring Long-Term Stable Operation

Dec 22 , 2023

Maintenance and Self-Inspection of Injection Molding Machines: Key to Ensuring Long-Term Stable Operation




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Today, I will delve into the topic of maintenance and troubleshooting of injection molding machines. While you may find this subject a bit mundane, please trust me when I say that maintenance work for injection molding machines is of paramount importance!


First and foremost, let us familiarize ourselves with the components of an injection molding machine. It consists of various interconnected parts such as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and auxiliary components, all of which ensure the smooth progression of the entire injection molding process. However, prolonged continuous operation can lead to component failures, thereby posing a risk of downtime. This directly impacts the production process, resulting in delays in fulfilling orders and subsequent loss of sales revenue. Moreover, production interruption can also result in material waste, process disruption, and increased costs associated with rescheduling. Hence, it is crucial for us to pay great attention to daily maintenance and self-inspection!


Injection molding machines are typically equipped with automation software and remote control systems, making operations simple and convenient. However, in comparison, manual management and maintenance for injection molding machines entail higher technical requirements and a significant workload, as well as higher maintenance costs. So, how should we go about maintaining injection molding machines? And what are the important methods to extend their service life? Even the most expensive injection molding machine cannot guarantee flawless operation if maintenance and self-inspection are overlooked during its usage. Next, I will present some factors that can lead to injection molding machine failures and their corresponding solutions for your reference.


Injection molding machine failures generally refer to events or phenomena in which designated functions are lost or reduced during operation. Based on the nature of the failures, they can be broadly classified into intermittent failures and permanent failures. Dealing with intermittent failures is relatively straightforward. In such cases, the machine may temporarily lose certain functions, but they can be easily restored through simple repairs and adjustments without the need for component replacement. However, addressing permanent failures is more complex. It indicates that certain components of the injection molding machine have been damaged, requiring replacement or repair to restore normal operation.


To effectively and swiftly analyze and eliminate faults, we need to follow a certain procedure. The general steps are as follows:

Step 1: Consult the operator to understand when the injection molding machine malfunctioned, the duration of its operation, and whether any abnormal phenomena occurred before the failure, such as smoke or unusual smells, or any instances of improper operation.

Step 2: Observe the overall condition of the machine and its various operating parameters. Check for any parts jamming or damage, loose connections or leaks in the hydraulic system, and any broken, scratched, or burnt wires.

Step 3: Inspect the monitoring indicators to ensure that all readings are normal, including pressure gauges and other instrument readings, as well as the oil level.

Step 4: Carry out repair work, identify the cause of the failure, and undertake repairs and preventive measures accordingly. Additionally, inspect relevant components to prevent the spread of faults, replace incorrectly installed or calibrated parts, and pay attention to related components. Disassembled parts can be repaired or disposed of appropriately.


When encountering faults that exceed the capabilities of the manufacturer's maintenance personnel, it is essential to provide feedback to the injection molding machine manufacturer and seek technical support. Although it is difficult to avoid injection molding machine failures altogether, the likelihood of their occurrence can be minimized through proper maintenance and self-inspection.


Maintenance and self-inspection may not be the most exciting tasks, but they are crucial for the normal operation and production of injection molding machines. Only by maintaining good maintenance habits can we prolong the service life of injection molding machines, improve production efficiency, and reduce production interruptions and wasteful costs. Therefore, both operators and managers should attach great importance to the maintenance of injection molding machines and ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment, contributing to the development of the enterprise.


Well, the above is an introduction to the maintenance and troubleshooting of injection molding machines. I hope it has been helpful to all of you! If you have any more questions about injection molding machines or any other topics, please feel free to contact us! Unique Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd. offers services such as Preform Design & Optimization, Machine Upgrade, Mold Refurbishment, and Modification to our valued customers. Finally, I wish you all a smooth work process and a pleasant life!

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