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Maintenance Cannot Be Neglected! Transforming Injection Machine Maintenance for Enhanced Productivity!

Maintenance Cannot Be Neglected! Transforming Injection Machine Maintenance for Enhanced Productivity!

Dec 22 , 2023

Maintenance Cannot Be Neglected! Transforming Injection Machine Maintenance for Enhanced Productivity!



The injection machine is a vital piece of equipment for manufacturing plastic products, and regular inspection and maintenance are crucial. It would be a waste not to maintain such a substantial investment made in acquiring an injection machine. To avoid unexpected accidents causing disruptions in the production process, it is imperative to prioritize the inspection and maintenance of the equipment on the injection machine production line. So, what maintenance matters should we pay attention to? And how should we proceed with these operations? Below, I have compiled the relevant maintenance points for your understanding!


Preventive maintenance involves a series of preventive measures and inspection work aimed at avoiding equipment failures and extending the lifespan of components. It can transform unforeseen breakdowns that may lead to production downtime into foreseeable and planned shutdowns for maintenance or major repairs. By promptly identifying and replacing damaged components, chain damage and other similar situations can be prevented.


The daily maintenance check encompasses the following seven key points:

  1. Verify the proper functioning of safety doors and other protective devices.
  2. Examine if the oil temperature and pressure are within the acceptable range.
  3. Ensure that the emergency shut-off switch effectively cuts off the power supply.
  4. Check the oil pump's operating pressure (the system's maximum pressure is 140 bar).
  5. Keep the electronic ruler body and pull rod clean; inspect the temperature gauge and heating barrel for normal operation.
  6. Confirm the normal operation of the central lubrication system and maintain cleanliness in and around the injection machine.
  7. Securely fasten the mold to the stationary plate and moving platen.

The monthly maintenance check includes the following six key points:

  1. Inspect the parallelism of the mold plates and the perpendicularity to the guide pillars to ensure they fall within the standard range.
  2. Check the linearity of the electronic board's proportional control and make adjustments if necessary.
  3. Repeat the daily maintenance check procedures mentioned above.
  4. Examine whether the hydraulic oil is contaminated and, if needed, clean or replace the filter in the oil tank.
  5. Apply lubricating grease to the mold adjustment screw.
  6. Verify that the electrical components are not loose.

The yearly maintenance check includes the following four key points:

  1. Inspect the aging or hardening of the wires, particularly those in frequent contact with lubricating oil or hydraulic pressure.
  2. Reiterate the monthly maintenance check procedures and assess the need for hydraulic oil replacement.
  3. Examine the rotation of the oil pressure motor bearings for any noise or damage.
  4. Inspect the wear and tear of the melt screw and sealing gaskets.


The aforementioned is but a succinct overview of maintenance considerations for injection molding machines including PET preform injection machines and cap injection molding machines. For further insights on these topics, we encourage your attention towards our updates or reaching out to UNIQUE company. It is worth noting that temperature can indeed impact the smooth operation of machinery, particularly in hot weather conditions, thereby increasing the likelihood of malfunctions. It would be prudent to adopt preventive measures in order to avert such occurrences.

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