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Preparatory Tasks Before the Holidays: Key Aspects of Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Preparatory Tasks Before the Holidays: Key Aspects of Injection Molding Machine Maintenance

Dec 11 , 2023

Preparatory Tasks Before the Holidays: Key Aspects of Injection Molding Machine Maintenance


Dear valued customers of UNIQUE Injection Molding Systems Co., Ltd.,


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your trust and support. As the holiday season approaches, we kindly remind you to prioritize the shutdown maintenance and upkeep of your injection molding machines to ensure their continuous and smooth operation in the upcoming year.




1. Safeguarding the Injection Molding Machine and Molds:

Before shutdown, please apply rust preventive oil inside the molds and leave a 5-10mm gap in the mold opening, allowing the locking mechanism to remain partially extended. This will ensure that the hinge parts of the injection molding machine are in a relaxed state, providing better protection for the molds and the locking mechanism.


2. Prudent Cleaning of the Machine Environment:

Thoroughly clean the working surface of the injection molding machine, removing any dust or debris from the electrical control box. Fasten the control box securely and wipe the solenoid valves clean. Use a cloth to wipe the protective components of the lubricating oil (such as tie bars, linear guides, piston rods, manganese steel belts, etc.). Remove and wipe away any oil stains and waste oil from the machine to maintain cleanliness and ensure smooth oil flow into the waste oil container.


3. Preparations before Restarting after the Holidays:

The following preparations and inspections are equally important after awakening the injection molding machine:

1) Check the emergency stop button for proper functionality.

2) Ensure an adequate oil level in the hydraulic tank, with the oil level exceeding two-thirds of the oil level gauge. If the hydraulic oil shows signs of emulsification, turning black or red, immediate replacement is necessary to prevent damage to the hydraulic components.

3) Inspect for loose or rodent-damaged wires and signal lines. Start the heating and motor functions to check that each operation is functioning correctly.

4) Verify the normal operation of the lubricating oil pump and lubricating oil pipes to ensure effective lubrication. Perform multiple back-and-forth movements to ensure proper lubrication of the machine's hinges.

5) Lubricate the mold clamping mechanism and perform multiple mold adjustments to ensure proper oil distribution.

6) Check the cooling system and cooling water for the injection nozzle to ensure normal operation.

7) Inspect the mechanical safety devices, mechanical limit switches, and proximity switches for proper functionality.

8) Verify the normal functioning of the control box and motor fan.

9) Check for any hydraulic fluid leaks in the hydraulic device, including the oil pump, pipes, and hydraulic valves.

10) Ensure the machine's pressure and flow rates are within normal ranges. Once all these checks are completed, the machine is ready to operate normally.


Thank you all for your cooperation, and may you have a wonderful holiday season!

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