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Solution for Injection Molding of PET Preforms, Achieving Cost Optimization!

Solution for Injection Molding of PET Preforms, Achieving Cost Optimization!

Dec 15 , 2023

Solution for Injection Molding of PET Preforms, Achieving Cost Optimization!

Become Your Ideal Industrial Partner - UNIQUE Company

Whether you are engaged in the plastic manufacturing or processing industry, UNIQUE is your ideal partner. With years of experience in plastic machinery manufacturing, we combine bold innovative ideas with market demands, integrate advanced domestic and international designs, continuously innovate technologies and equipment, and successfully develop a series of next-generation injection molding systems such as UPET, UE-PET, UPACK, UCAP, and more, to meet your comprehensive needs.




Supplier of PET Preform Injection Molding Solutions:
Our Technical Innovation Center is devoted to providing professional solutions for PET preform injection molding systems and holds numerous patents, including international ones, in China. We offer professional injection machines, supporting equipment, and comprehensive services to the vast beverage and packaging industry customers.

Thoughtful Full-Service Support:
From initial discussions, determining the optimal production plan for customers, to equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, and system operation, UNIQUE provides practical advice and perfect solutions. We promptly supply spare parts, offer convenient technical services and support, and strive to meet customer needs comprehensively.

Modular Design for Customization:
Our professional knowledge empowers you to achieve success. Employing a modular design concept, we can customize fast production solutions, addressing various engineering challenges while bringing obvious cost and technological advantages to our customers.


Service Commitments:

1Establishing multiple marketing centers and offices, we possess a strong sales and service network to ensure timely and considerate regional support.

2Offering installation guidance, we provide customers with complete pre-sales, during-sales, and after-sales services.

3Conducting regular inspections to provide machine checks, maintenance, and operational guidance to users.

4Conducting regular follow-ups, including machine inspection, maintenance, addressing customer issues during usage, and accepting feedback and suggestions.

Providing user training, including machine operation, safety procedures, electrical controls, and plasticization processes.

5Supplying an ample number of imported spare parts, promptly meeting user requirements.

6Responding to all fault information within 4 hours.

Implementing 24-hour after-sales service. Company service hotline: +86 020-86571294.

Service Support:

In addition to the aforementioned commitments, we also provide comprehensive Preform Design & Optimization, Machine Upgrade, Mold Refurbishment,Modification, and other service supports. We adapt to market demand changes, continually bring more innovative solutions to the plastic molding industry, achieve cost optimization, and empower our customers to stand out in market competition.

No matter your requirements, UNIQUE will wholeheartedly provide you with exceptional quality and professional services, becoming your reliable partner. Without hesitation, contact us immediately, choose UNIQUE, and together, shape a brighter future.



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