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Seeking the Path of Uniqueness? Embark on an Exquisite Journey with the Innovative Charm of the PET Preform System!

Seeking the Path of Uniqueness? Embark on an Exquisite Journey with the Innovative Charm of the PET Preform System!

Sep 08 , 2023

Seeking the Path of Uniqueness? Embark on an Exquisite Journey with the Innovative Charm of the PET Preform System!


In 2006, UNIQUE unveiled the world's first 72-cavity PET injection molding machine, which was subsequently deployed at Coca-Cola factories. Through continuous innovation and upgrading, we have now introduced a range of models, from 2 to 172 cavities, including UPET, UE-PET, and UPACK, catering to diverse market demands in terms of speed. This developmental trajectory bears witness to UNIQUE's steady progress in the field of PET preform injection molding, ushering in a new chapter.


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Over the past 18 years, we have secured more than 50 core technological patents. Not only are we the drafting unit for the "China PET Preform Standard (DBL440100/T 12-2009)," but we are also a significant member of the "Guangdong New PET Forming Equipment Engineering Research Center." Our versatile machine models find extensive applications in various sectors such as drinking water, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, and packaging for personal care items. They are steadfastly operating in numerous customer facilities worldwide. Today, let us delve into several outstanding advantages from UNIQUE's developmental history.



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1. Direct Compression Design: Our ingenious design incorporates a five-point inclined hinge, optimized by South China University of Technology. This design possesses excellent dynamic and mechanical characteristics. Additionally, the direct compression design stands as a highlight, featuring a novel large hydraulic cylinder for high-pressure mould clamping. It offers an extensive range of mold opening stroke and four-post space, accommodating a wider spectrum of requirements. Within the central main post, a differential single-cylinder rapid mold-closing hydraulic cylinder and a rotating sleeve-type mold-closing mechanism are employed. The tie bar is crafted from high-performance alloy steel (colimbus), ensuring high system rigidity, balanced force distribution, and exceptional tensile strength. The moving plate comprises a framework-type high-rigidity dynamic plate, incorporating eight auxiliary ejection hydraulic cylinders. This guarantees substantial ejection force and a prolonged ejection stroke suitable for various product requirements. The moving plate slide block employs an oil-free lubricated linear guide. The strengthened front plate of the machine body is designed to resist deformation during high-pressure injection. The tie rods at both ends require no adjustment for fixing. The rear plate integrates a large hydraulic cylinder for mold locking, utilizing a rotating sleeve structure and combination sealing to ensure no internal leakage during pressure maintenance.


2. Low-Pressure Mould Protection: We employ servo cylinders equipped with electromagnetic scales inside, ensuring precision within 0.1 micrometers. By directly detecting the cylinder position through the servo electronic scale, the mold position can be fed back to the controller for more accurate control of low-pressure mold closing. Furthermore, in combination with real-time mold locking force detection, effective mold protection can be achieved.


3. Dynamic Injection Molding: Dynamic injection molding stands as a research achievement with international patents, derived from years of dedication by the team led by Dr. Qu Jinping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Unlike traditional steady-state plasticization and injection, dynamic injection molding transforms the plasticization and injection process into a periodic dynamic plasticization and injection process. By applying this principle, fluidity can be significantly enhanced, injection speed accelerated, mold filling made more even, and the mechanical performance and quality requirements of products can be remarkably improved. Among the four authorized patents exclusively granted to UNIQUE, South China University of Technology's team presides over each one.


4. Cloud Interconnectivity: UNIQUE provides customers with a dedicated remote monitoring system, allowing convenient access to real-time factory conditions, machine production processes, and equipment parameters from the comfort of their offices. Furthermore, UNIQUE's equipment offers remote diagnostic support, facilitating prompt issue identification, diagnosis, and resolution to minimize customer downtime and maintenance expenses.


5. Turnkey Projects: UNIQUE offers comprehensive turnkey projects, providing customers with a complete PET preform system solution. This encompasses the selection of machinery, molds, and ancillary equipment, product design and debugging, machine startup, trial runs, and mass production support. Additionally, we can offer extensive expertise in product debugging, optimization, lightweighting, testing, production management, and logistics. Moreover, we boast our dedicated PET preform production center, serving as a dedicated space for learning and communication for our esteemed clientele.


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To this day, UNIQUE's unwavering progress owes much to the support of our valued customers. Our company's core values revolve around "Creating Value for Customers," as only by enabling customer success can UNIQUE achieve greater development. On the road ahead, our commitment extends beyond delivering stable products, premium technology, and efficient services. We eagerly anticipate your involvement and support in jointly forging a splendid future!

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