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UNIQUE Injection Molding Machine | Pioneering the Era of Innovation,Choose Our PET Injection Molding Systems and Stay Ahead in the Market!

UNIQUE Injection Molding Machine | Pioneering the Era of Innovation,Choose Our PET Injection Molding Systems and Stay Ahead in the Market!

Sep 08 , 2023

UNIQUE Injection Molding Machine | Pioneering the Era of Innovation, Choose Our PET Injection Molding Systems and Stay Ahead in the Market!


Experience the UNIQUE charm of innovative technology and the extraordinary performance of our exceptional injection molding systems! UNIQUE is dedicated to the development and production of efficient and energy-saving injection molding equipment technology, providing you with customized PET preform injection molding systems to meet your personalized and differentiated requirements. We strive for continuous innovation and adhere to the principle of creating value.





Since its establishment in 2005, UNIQUE has introduced multiple sets of injection molding systems, ranging from 2 cavities to 172 cavities, covering the UPET, UE-PET, UPACK, and other series of products, offering you a rich and diverse selection. Our commitment lies in tailoring solutions exclusively for you, ensuring the fulfillment of every minute requirement.



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Quality Service | Pursuit of Excellence

In business cooperation, establishing a friendly partnership with customers goes far beyond signing contracts. Pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services are crucial aspects. As a sales team, we will elucidate on the following three aspects:


1. Pre-sales Service

Pre-sales service is the most fundamental and crucial phase in the service domain. Prior to the sale, our UNIQUE team deeply engages in conversations with customers, exchanges insights with industry peers, and conducts on-site surveys to fully understand their needs. Apart from providing initial technical consultation, market planning, and product differentiation support, we strive to address customers' inquiries. Through company introductions, showcasing successful case studies, and inviting customers for visits, we aim to foster a comprehensive understanding of UNIQUE because mutual understanding is the cornerstone of building trust. Only by truly comprehending customers' needs and jointly identifying market positioning can we offer more fitting products, maximize meeting customers' market demands, and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.


For instance, in the water and beverage industry market, while the beverage industry may be experiencing a decline, the water industry market remains stable and continues to grow. In such cases, we would lean towards guiding customers to produce complementary products related to water and recommend suitable machine models based on the research results of market demand. Through in-depth market analysis, we can accurately grasp market trends and provide customers with efficient solutions.


2. In-sales Service

UNIQUE's pre-sales service aims to familiarize customers with our products and make their choices, while in-sales service ensures that every customer who chooses UNIQUE products receives the equipment on time, in good condition, and starts production promptly to create value as soon as possible. Throughout the entire process of customer product purchase and delivery, all employees of UNIQUE will provide services to ensure smooth coordination at every stage. Key matters that directly interface with customers include:


- Factory planning: Based on the customer's factory site, we ensure convenient production operations by satisfying their requirements for personnel and logistics flow. We provide scientifically sound equipment layout, comprehensive design, and planning of process flow, contributing to the creation of an efficient production environment.


- Preform design: We provide suitable preform structures tailored to customers' needs, offering optimized solutions to meet lightweighting requirements, enhance production capacity, reduce costs, and increase product yields.


- Equipment production timeline and progress tracking: We are committed to ensuring timely production and delivery of equipment, with technical personnel comprehensively addressing technical issues throughout the production process. Sales personnel, prioritizing customer-centricity, maintain timely communication and coordination within 24 hours, actively responding to and resolving various issues, and striving to meet various customer requirements.


- Preform product testing: We provide online testing for customers or proactively offer preform solutions that conform to standards, enabling customers to enter the market competition ahead of time. After equipment debugging is completed, products can be quickly launched into the market, creating more business opportunities for customers.


- Customer training: Before and after equipment delivery, we provide professional technical training to cultivate good operational habits among the operators. We provide timely training on equipment maintenance, correct repair and maintenance techniques, including equipment structure and maintenance, equipment control, and operation, until customer employees become proficient in related operations and maintenance skills. Through training, customers can flexibly adjust processes and promptly handle various faults, ensuring smooth production and demonstrating exceptional production capabilities.


3. After-sales Service

True sales begin with after-sales service! After-sales service is where the long-term relationship between the company and the customer begins, rather than the endpoint of the sales process. Once the customer's equipment is officially put into production, our company actively provides regular routine services to ensure the long-term stable operation of customer equipment. In addition to providing technical support and service, we also offer on-site visits to ensure customers have an excellent service experience.


We always focus on the customer's development and fully assist in communication and coordination with the after-sales department. We are committed to helping customers achieve production goals smoothly, expand market share, and provide additional extension services, such as recommending excellent engineers or referring new customers. Such efforts will create greater value for customers!


Quality, efficiency, and environmental protection are our unwavering pursuits, aiming to bring you the most exceptional choices. Join us and let's realize our dreams together! Take action now and create a brilliant future!

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